B05 bread pan


  • Premium Alu-steel used
  • Folded  construction ensures extra rigidity
  • Flat wire Top support ensures extra strength
  • Round bottom edges ,easier stacking
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B05 bread pan is a great addition to your catering equipment. All our pans are made from the best quality steel to last longer and bake your bread better and faster. If you want to bake smaller batches of bread opt for B03 pans this will produce 3 loaves per pan and this is suitable for a smaller oven. B04 for a medium sized oven as it produces 4 loaves per tray and for larger ovens then you can go for the B05 bread pans producing 5 loaves per tray. This is the best option for a bulk baking operation. All our pans come with optional lids for your added convenience.

For the best range and brands of bread slicers view our extensive range. We have gravity fed floor model units. As well as strong robust kuhn floor model units for a heavy duty application. We offer the best in price and value for all bread slicer’s.