B15 cake mixer


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Industrial B15 cake mixer:


Super-high speed planet rotation, large-capacity, short running time.

Full-gear mechanical drive, reliable performance, low noise

Convenience for bowl-lift design and discharge of stuff barrel

Intelligent load supervision, safe and convenient

Any color in your demand

Special low speed reduce splatter to help your kitchen clean

Dough arm:

Suitable for heavy bread dough or other high viscosity food materials.


Suitable for thin batters, cakes, mashing potatoes, and crushed, powdered, pasty food like stuffing. —Set the machine at middle speed.

Wire whip: Suitable for mixing liquid food, whipping cream and beating eggs. —set the machine at high speed.

The Industrial Cake Mixer B15 is an industrial cake mixer and one of many here at Sunrose, we have a wide range of other products in Bakery Equipment Range.

Comes standard with whisk.  Beater & hook optional extras

Size: 474 x 372 x 676MM

Bowl Volume: 15L

Voltage: 220-240V

Power: 0.50KW

Max Kneading Capacity: 6Kg

Mixing Speed: 110/178/390