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3 Plate cast iron gas stove

Cast Iron 3 Plate Gas Stove with detachable legs. Get the best when it comes to great quality Catering equipment only from Sunrose Online.

Having the right cooking tools, can mean the difference between a nice warm meal and a cold can of beans. The Cast Iron 3 Plate Gas Stove,
It has a generous-sized cooking surface, so there is plenty of room to cook your favourite BBQ meats and accompaniments, such as sausages, steaks, onions, chicken and pineapple slices.

The strong and easy-to-grip handles are great for carrying the the stove  from your desired place.

The reversible flat or grill cooking plate gives you the versatility to sear steaks on the ribbed side, and cook sausages and onions on the flat side.

If you have a portable stove then you simply must have a cook plate to cook with. Fry up some bacon and eggs for breakfast or BBQ meats – you can’t go hungry while this cook plate is around.

  •  3 burner gas stoves
  • Detachable legs
  • Strong and easy to grip
  • Iron
  • Pre-seasoned with black


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3 Plate cast iron gas stove