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2.5M Meat Deli Display

Meat deli display in Catering stock category for sale in South Africa on the best price. Buy high quality models of Meat deli display products which are on hand in a wide range of sizes and types.

Cheap deli display refrigerators at the best prices online. Deli cases feature stainless steel exterior, humidity control and warranty.

1. With overall polyurethane foam, decent taping property, Good saving effect,energy saving.

2. Well known compressor, low vibration low noise, smooth running, energy economy, Effectively extend the life time.

3. Stainless steel, easy to clean.

4. Curved glass with anti fog and anti frost, clearly seen inside.

  • Meat Chiller Curved Glass 2.5M
  • Capacity 300L
  • Cabinet Tem. 0C  3-15°C
  • Climate class      ST
  • Defrost manual
  • Control system  Mechanical
  • Refrigerant  (CFC-free)  R134a
  • Doors (pcs)



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2.5M Meat Deli Display