We are building a platform where anyone and everyone can earn an additional income with no strings attached. Whether you are a mom at home with the kids or running a business, you will still be able to resell our products with us. You will be marketing a store you create on our platform where your potential customers will purchase from, once an order has been processed successfully your account will be credited with your commission (1-10% per transaction). You can then request a payout whenever your balance is over the minimum limit. 

The best part is that you can work from anywhere in South Africa and don’t you worry, we are also able to assist those in neighboring countries with the program. 

Lets get started on the tutorial.

Firstly go to account> Login/Register
Select the register side and click “I am a vendor” and fill in details. 

Lets get started with setting up your store

Set up a store address where customers will be able to meet you, or you can just click ‘show email address in store’ and continue if you not have an address where your customers can meet you.

Next you will need add your paypal address and banking details, this will be used for your payout, don’t worry it will only be between us. 

Click add account before you continue.

Congratulations ! You have officially signed up to be a reseller.

Your dashboard should look like below at the start, there is no error, the admin of the platform will verify your account and enable it for selling within 1 to 2 working days. 

In the meantime, click settings to start customizing your store.
Here you will be able to add a banner and a profile picture (logo would be best).

Your store will have its own page and look like this but with your own banner, profile picture, and details for customers to contact you.

Go back to your dashboard once your account has been verified by our admin and click products.

Please be sure to use only the products from us when uploading, you may not put any prices lower than ours but can match it. The reason for this is that with our prices is because we hold the product so you do not incur any cost, you will still receive commission on it. We want to help the community in the best way we can and believe it is a fair way to do so. 

You can copy our product images, name, pricing, category, tags and description or add your own to entice your customers. 

Once the product is created you can further edit it and see how much commission you can receive. It is best to keep in contact with us to ensure stock is available on the item or if you have any inquires, You can email us on and one of our agents will be assigned to assist you. 


 At the bottom you can set a customer note the item after payment confirmation will be available to collect from our address. Please always keep us updated so that we know a customer is on their way to collect. For delivery fees, just email us or whatsapp one of our contact numbers and we will give the price that you can then give to your customer. This is also important for our resellers joining from outside of South Africa. 

280 Felix Dlamini Road
Kwa Zulu Natal
South Africa

We are also open to getting new products or machines should have the customers that will want to get it as we import to South Africa. So let us know and lets work together, united in arms and together we conquer. 

And lastly…

Welcome To Sunrose Online, making drop shipping easy for all.