Double Tray Chafing Dish 10L (5L+5L)

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Double Tray Chafing Dish 10L (5L+5L)


Rectangular Chaffing Dish Marinex glass dish food warmer is perfect for keeping your meal warm between servings.

Simply place your food into the glass dish, which sits securely in the frame, and then carry it through to your dining table using the convenient handles and place for serving.

The frame has two tea light holders and a stainless steel lid to help keep food warm. The lid can be put back on when you are eating to keep food warm for those who want to seconds.


  • Made from polished stainless steel
  • Contains a glass dish, lid and rack with 2 tea light holders
  • Marinex glass dishes
  • Ideal for parties ensuring that everyone can get hot food
  • Perfect for serving food in the dining room

Model: Rectangular Chaffing Dish

Dimensions: 630x350x330

Capacity: 10Litres (5L+5L)

The rectangular chafing dish is made from polished stainless steel and contains a glass dish, lid, and rack with 2 tea light holders. The glass dish is ideal for serving food in the dining room and comes with a lid to keep food warm It is definitely suited for professional catering and events that require quality service and presentation and adds extra detail and style to any party or event.


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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 37 × 59 × 22 cm


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