Tilting Pan 80L – Gas

R 69,999.00

Tilting Pan 80L – Gas




  • Pedestal mounted tilting frypan
  • Pan manufactured from 2mm type AISI 304 CR-NI stainless steel sides integrally welded to a 10mm boiler plate base (mild steel)
  • Heating by means of 6 incaloy sheathed elements clamped to the underside of the pan
  • Thermostatically controlled from 50 ̊C – 250 ̊C
  • Pan suspended on trunnions with bushes providing smooth tilt operation by means of a worm and wheel mechanism
  • Spring-balanced lid with heat-resistant handle
  • Tilt-up element for easy cleaning


Crated Size: 1380 x 860 x 1240mm
Crated Weight: 218kg
Dimensions: 1310 x 785 x 915mm (H)
Pan Capacity: 80L
Pan Interior: 765 x 590 x 200mm deep
Weight: 155kg

Additional information

Weight 218 kg
Dimensions 138 × 86 × 124 cm