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Super store

The super store is a term used to describe a store that sells everything under one roof. In the cannabis industry, this means a store that sells both recreational and medical marijuana products. These stores are often referred to as dispensaries.


Refrigerators are used to keep food cold. They work by using electricity to create a current of cool air around the inside of the refrigerator. When the door is closed, the cool air stays inside and keeps the food cold. If the door is open, warm air flows in and warms the food.


Freezers are used to keep food frozen. A freezer uses electricity to create a current that circulates around the outside of the freezer. Cold air gets pumped into the freezer and then travels down the shelves where it freezes the food. Warm air is pulled out of the freezer and goes back to the compressor.

What is a cling wrap?

Cling wraps are thin plastic sheets that stick to themselves. They are commonly used in food packaging, and they have many uses in the food industry. Cling wraps are great for protecting from moisture loss, keeping them fresh, and preventing mold.

How do I use a cling wrap?

To apply a cling wrap, simply peel off the backing paper and place the cling wrap over the bud. . You may want to tape the cling wrap down if you’re worried about it coming loose.

Why should I use a cling wrap instead of a dry bag?

A dry bag is a good option for storing your buds. However, a cling wrap works just as well and is much easier to work with. A dry bag requires extra care to keep it clean and free of contaminants. If you don’t take proper precautions, then you could end up contaminating your product.

Prefabricated Building

Prefabricated buildings are prefabricated structures that are manufactured off-site and then assembled at the construction site. These buildings are often cheaper than traditional buildings and have many advantages over their conventional counterparts. There are two types of prefabricated buildings: panelized and modular. Panelized buildings consist of preassembled wall panels that are put together to create the final structure. Modular buildings are constructed using modules that are pre-manufactured and then brought to the construction site. Both types of prefabrication offer significant cost savings compared to traditional methods





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