Milex 25L Rotisserie Air Fryer

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Milex 25L Rotisserie Air Fryer

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The Milex™ 25L Rotisserie Air Fryer is an all NEW cooking sensation.

It is a full oven multi-cooker that gives you all of the crisp, juicy, delicious,
healthier benefits of oil-free air frying and cooking. This state-of-the-art air
fryer includes a wonderful rotisserie function truly making this an all-in-one
appliance. Just choose from 9 easy one-touch preset modes to airfry extra
crispy chickens; airfry rotisserie for savoury pork roast, crispy onion rings or
mouth-watering turkey breast. The secret lies in the elevated airflow racks
which promote all-over surface cooking and 1600 watts Super-Heated Speed
Air Technology. Your food cooks on both the top and the bottom for that
great crispy-fried taste & texture without all the fat & calories! For busy families,
this new oven offers convenience, tasty food, & more functions.

Designed to make full, mouth-watering meals; you can cook more than one
type of your favourite foods simultaneously. We’ve included bonus items with
every order of the Milex™ 25L Rotisserie Air Fryer includes: Rotisserie Shaft, Forks &
Set Screws; Wire rack; Baking pan; Air fryer basket; Fetch rack; Removable crumb
tray; Rolling cage.

Not only does the NEW oven technology replace so many cooking
appliances, it’s extremely fast & the meals are amazing and clean-up
is a breeze.

Box Dimensions: 460cm width x 400 depth x 370 Height


• Rapid hot air technology
• 6 stainless steel heating tubes
• 9 Pre-set Cooking Functions
• LCD display screen
• Includes bake tray and bake rack
• Full Stainless steel
• Capacity: 25 Litre
• 1600W, 220V~240V (50/60Hz)
• Low-fat cooking
• Multi-food cooker

What’s in the box:

Milex™ 25L Rotisserie Airfryer
• Rolling Cage
• Rotisserie Shaft, Forks
• Removable crumb tray
• Air fryer basket
• Baking pan / Wire rack
• User manual
• Recipe book

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 46 × 40 × 37 cm


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