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Body Protection Overalls



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This clothing is protective clothing against precipitation, rain, fog and wind at temperatures greater or equivalent to –5 °C. Two performance parameters are specified for this protective clothing:

x = water penetration resistance (water tightness)
Classification into classes 1 to 3 is possible. Class 3 has the highest water penetration resistance and fulfils the highest requirements.

Water penetration resistance (WP) is measured in pascals (Pa) and is the hydrostatic pressure held by a material. The term “water column” is often used, which is then given in millimeters. Both the material and seams are tested.

visibility clothing

Standard EN ISO 20471 governs the minimum requirements for high-visibility clothing. High-visibility clothing is a visual signal of the wearer’s presence – and makes the wearer conspicuous in dangerous situations, in all possible light conditions during the daytime and also in the dark when seen in headlights.Visibility is achieved by making a sharp contrast between the clothing and the background against which it is seen. Protective clothing therefore needs to be chosen according to the predominant background in order to ensure maximum protection. High-visibility clothing generally consists of a basic fluorescent material and a retro-reflective material. The minimum areas in square metres on the background and reflective material determine the class of high-visibility clothing. The class is indicated as a number on the right next to the pictogram as “x&quot. High-visibility clothing is classified into three risk levels in accordance with EN ISO 20471:

  • low risk = conspicuity/li>
  • medium risk = increased conspicuity


Particular properties of the clothing therefore include:

  • no pockets on jackets that can be reached from the outside
  • no stitched folds
  • covered fasteners
  • close-fitting

Body Protection Overalls

R156.73 R104.48
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