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Salamander HES-842

Salamander in Kitchen Salamander range. Model: HES-84.

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Salamander HES-842

Salamanders, since they can be used for more than one duty, offer a better alternative for most kitchens, but are more expensive and less simple to use than cheese melters. Many sources conflate simple cheese melters with salamanders. Mistakenly assuming that all such broilers are low-intensity broilers. High-quality unit can produce varying range of heat, up to searing temperatures of above 1500°F.

Salamanders can even be used to broil steaks, which, despite what you may think. A great way to cook a steak, comparable to grilling, but without the risk of blackening due to flare-ups. For a delicate piece of fish, such as a fillet of sole or flounder, a salamander broiler, and broiling in general, may be superior to grilling.

equipment salamander grill

  • Electrically heated
  • Hygiene,healthy,lasting
  • Easy to use,clean and maintenance.
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