Price Increases

1. The purchase price is based on the cost to Sunrose Online of materials, freight, import duties and on prevailing exchange rates at the time of order. In the event of any increase in such costs or the change in any rate causing an increase in the cost to Sunrose, Sunrose Online shall have the right to increase the purchase price with prior notice to the Purchaser.

2. If the Purchaser disputes Sunrose Online’s right to increase the purchase price in terms of paragraph 1 directly above or the amount of any such increase then that dispute shall be determined by an independent Auditor, whose decision shall be final and binding for both Sunrose and the Purchaser. The costs incurred in respect of such Auditor shall be borne by Sunrose and the Purchaser in equal parts.

3. Any price increase for the reasons as listed above, shall not entitle the Purchaser to hold Sunrose Online to a quoted price, but merely entitles the Purchaser to cancel his order. The Purchaser confirms to be fully acquainted with the variables applicable to the importation of goods and having made provision for such potential price increases when placing his order.

  • Prices exclude non-local delivery and installation.

Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE)

  1. Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE) is a phrase used in an attempt to reduce legal liability for potentially incorrect or incomplete information supplied in a contractually related document such as a quotation or specification. It is often applied as a disclaimer in situations in which the information to which it is applied is relatively fast-moving. In legal terms, it seeks to make a statement that information cannot be relied upon, or may have changed by the time of use.
  2. Please read: E&OE
  3. Please confirm stock availability as well as pricing before online payments are made.

Note: we are entitled to accept or reject any offers/payments made online on any advertised item. Should the item not be in stock, or prices incorrectly we shall place the order as a back order. We shall not be liable, should a product be incorrectly priced due to any technical errors.

We look forward to working with you.